How to Make More Money With Robyn Crane

How to Make More Money With Robyn Crane

June 21, 2017

On this episode of EVEsdropping, we’re talking to Robyn Crane, host of the TV show The Financial G-Spot and radio show Let’s Talk Money, as well as 4-time #1 best-selling author, about—what else??—how to make more money and advance in your career. Her new book, Make More Money, Help More People, came out in March. Stay tuned until the end of our interview to get a free gift from Robyn!!! (And to hear the latest about Bachelor in Paradise's fate.)

Buy Robyn's book, Make More Money, Help More People, on Amazon: https://earnspendlive.com/go/makemoremoney-robyncrane 

The article about Glow Meleah mentioned: https://www.thecut.com/2017/06/glow-is-alison-brie-as-youve-never-seen-her.html 

Trouble in Paradise + Confessions of a Cat Dad

Trouble in Paradise + Confessions of a Cat Dad

June 14, 2017

This week, we have special guest joining us: Austin, aka Elise's boyfriend, aka Laz's dad. Father's Day is this weekend, so we're talking about how becoming a cat parent totally changes your life. Plus, how can we not talk about that Bachelor in Paradise bombshell??? Our summer is officially ruined.

What’s Happening in the News?

  • Production on Bachelor in Paradise has been suspended maybe indefinitely???
    • Almost definitely indefinitely.
  • I don’t want to say too much because rumors are bad, but from all accounts, it was a bad situation, the producers should have stepped in, producers did not. Now they're being sued.
    • It's like UnREAL IRL.

Real Talk: Confessions of a Cat Dad

Austin and I brought Laz home about six months ago. He was never really a cat person, but then he met Laz. And now he's a cat dad!

  • You weren’t always a cat person. In fact, you really only agreed to getting a cat to make me happy. So how has that changed?

    • It took me a minute, but I fell in love with Laz. He's really unique though; he's not a normal cat. He snuggles, he plays, and he likes having people over. 
  • What things did you not expect when getting a cat? What’s had to change in your life?
    • I didn't expect the vet bills. We've had a lot with Laz; he kind of had a rough start.
  • How has Laz proven your perceptions of cats wrong?
    • Every other cat I've ever known has been really skittish; even your other cats. When I'd come over, they'd disappear. So I was nervous to get a cat, but Laz is the coolest. He's like a dog.
  • What’s the worst part about being a cat dad?
    • There's litter everywhere constantly. We vacuum almost every day and it's still everywhere.
  • What’s the best part about being a cat dad?
    • Having a buddy to binge-watch TV with. We bonded over all six seasons of Game of Thrones.
  • Do you still want a dog, or is Laz it?
    • I still want a dog, someday. I loved raising Laz, so I'd want a puppy. But not now. That's too much work right now. Maybe when we get a house.
  • How has raising a kitten together changed our relationship?
    • It's definitely changed it for the better. We feel like more of a family + our communication has had to improve to establish who does what for Laz (like scooping his poop, brushing him, feeding him, etc.).

Would You Rather…

  • Have a house full of like 20 cats or never be able to get a pet ever? Not even a fish.
  • Have a cat that acts like a dog or a dog that acts like a cat?
  • Have a cat who doesn’t cuddle or a cat who doesn’t play?

Boss/Adulting Moment

  • Elise: ESL KPIs; created my own budget.
  • Austin: I've been putting more money from each paycheck into my savings account.

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Tips & Tricks for Curbing Emotional Spending

Tips & Tricks for Curbing Emotional Spending

June 7, 2017

Emotional spending: We all do it, even if we don’t necessarily realize it. So how do you break the vicious cycle? We have some tips and tricks for nipping your emotional spending habit in the bud. Plus, we’re talking about Wonder Woman breaking the glass ceiling, all things The Bachelorette, and unREAL being pushed back to 2018 (wtf).

Real Talk: Tips & Tricks for Curbing Emotional Spending

  • According to ISPO News, 90% of purchases are made subconsciously. By age 30, you will have seen close to 2 million commercials. ADVERTISERS WANT TO FUCK YOU UP.
  • According to Jaleesa Charissa, a beauty and lifestyle blog, 52% of Americans engage in retail therapy to improve their mood.
    • Every month, more than 500 people tweet about how they wish retail therapy was covered by their health insurance.
  • What are the triggers?
  • How to get your spending in check
    • Set (and stick to) a budget
    • Carry cash instead of plastic
    • No-spending challenges
    • Enlist the help of a friend to monitor your spending
    • Don’t let your browser save your credit card.
  • To really curb emotional spending, you need to address the triggers.

What’s Going on in the World

  • WONDER WOMAN BROKE THE MOTHERFUCKING GLASS CEILING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Literally that’s it that’s all that matters
  • Also Chris Hemsworth and Gal Gadot both agree Wonder Woman could totally take Thor in a fight. Same.
  • Bachelorette check-in: Rachel “loved” that Dean said “once you go black you never go back” and also one contestant has super offensive tweets. So a Bachelor intern is getting fired. ALSO ALSO Rachel might’ve dated a famous basketball player.
  • UnReal’s release is being pushed to 2018
    • BOO those whores.


  • I’m 22 and I don’t have a credit card. I feel like I need to do something to build my credit, but my parents think getting a credit card is a mistake. What’s a good way to start building up my credit history and start being more financially independent?
  • You're an adult, sooo you don't exactly need your parents' permission. Our advice would just be to get a credit card, but if you really want to respect your parents' wishes, you have a few options for building credit.
    • Buy furniture (but make sure the furniture store reports to the credit bureau) and pay it off.
    • Ask your parents to co-sign on a car (again, make sure they report) or a loan.
    • Start paying off your student loans.
    • Get a secured credit card. Your parents can load the money on there (like $200) and just use it for things like gas and eating out.

Boss/Adulting Moment

  • Meleah: Got my new job title finalized with my boss. It’s very exciting but I’m not 100% sure I’m allowed to tell y’all yet. Stay tuned.
  • Elise: I made the switch to Day Designer and I am more organized than ever. Literally obsessed. I’ve thought about posting pictures but I don’t want to like “glorify busy” or w/e.

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Why Soft Skills Are More Important Than Technical Skills

Why Soft Skills Are More Important Than Technical Skills

May 31, 2017

Our personal mantra might be "just let me live," but our professional mantra is "soft skills are everything." So what are soft skills? Why are they important? Which ones are the most important? Plus, we're talking about Kaitlyn Bristowe's new podcast and answering our weekly "Dear HBIC."

Real Talk: Why Soft Skills Are More Important Than Technical Skills

  • What are soft skills?

The top ten most popular soft skills companies say they look for when hiring include:

1) Candidate has a strong work ethic – 73 percent

2) Candidate is dependable – 73 percent

3) Candidate has a positive attitude – 72 percent

4) Candidate is self-motivated – 66 percent

5) Candidate is team-oriented – 60 percent

6) Candidate is organized, can manage multiple priorities – 57 percent

7) Candidate works well under pressure – 57 percent

8) Candidate is an effective communicator – 56 percent

9) Candidate is flexible – 51 percent

10) Candidate is confident – 46 percent


  • Why are they important?
    • Research conducted by Harvard University, the Carnegie Foundation and Stanford Research Center concluded that 85% of job success comes from having well‐developed soft and people skills, and only 15% of job success comes from technical skills and knowledge (hard skills). http://www.nationalsoftskills.org/the-soft-skills-disconnect/
  • Why do we think Soft Skills are #1?
    • You can teach hard skills. It’s really difficult to teach soft skills.
    • I’d much rather work with someone who has no experience and wants to learn as opposed to someone who’s good at their job but hard to work with.
  • Hard Skills still matter -- that’s how you get your foot in the door.


  • So, I am in a position in which I hire college students to work PT in an office setting as a marketing assistant. The number of candidates who want a customized schedule and already come to the interview with a laundry list of days off (that they NEED to have) is baffling to me. I know I probably sound like an old 'boomer' but within your first 60 days, you shouldn’t need 17 days off for vacation. Am I being unreasonable?

Would You Rather…

  • Never drink in front of your coworkers or always be the one who gets a little (way) too drunk
  • Be filthy rich and live 200 years ago or be poor but live today?

What We’re Loving This Week

  • Elise: Kaitlyn Bristowe’s podcast, Off the Vine
  • Meleah: Traditional Medicinals “Throat Coat” tea. It’s kind of gross, but it’s great when I’m feeling under the weather.

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TV Tuesday: The Bachelorette Season 13 Premiere

TV Tuesday: The Bachelorette Season 13 Premiere

May 23, 2017

We finally have our first black Bachelorette, and we are HERE FOR IT. On this edition of TV Tuesday, we're talking about why we're obsessed with Rachel Lindsay, what's going on in Bachelor nation (two non-fan-fave couples broke up this week, shocker), what we think of this season's contestants, and who we hope to see in Bachelor in Paradise.

What’s Going On in Bachelor Nation?

  • Lauren & Ben broke up
    • Lauren took the furniture. Apparently it was all hers. Bc she made him get rid of literally everything he owned!!!!!! Including his like sentimental garage door headboard that he’d had since he was a kid. Also she got it for a Joss & Main shoot - she’s living that #SponCon life
    • Rumors that he’s with Ashley I.!!!!!!!!
    • ^ They have a podcast together? Also ew?
  • Other couple no one cares about broke up (the virgin and some dude).
    • Becca and Robert
  • Chris Soules...jfc
  • Kaitlyn and Shawn are still literally perfect (sidenote where is their spinoff reality show? Literally everyone has one except the people who deserve it most.)
  • Apparently someone from this Bachelorette season tried to hit up Carly and Evan is out for live-tweeting revenge. http://imgur.com/VYsDHDq

Why We’re Obsessed With Rachel

  • Smart
  • Funny
  • Those legs tho <<<<<<<<<<<

The Contestants & Their Ridiculous Job Titles (See: Tickle Monster & Whaboom)

  • Fun fact one of our co-workers is related to the Tickle Monster and he’s really a doctor wtf
  • Also idk his job title but that one dude seriously looks like an elf it creeped me out

Who do we hope will be on Bachelor in Paradise?

  • Corrine (With her nanny plz and ty)
  • Lauren and Ben. I’m here for the drama.
  • Raven
  • Chaaaaaaase & Luke
  • Chad? Or are we sick of him?

Would You Rather:

  • Be Nick Viall (before his own season) or Brad Womack. For bachelor newbs: would you rather find love and get rejected twice or go through your own season twice and hate everyone both times
  • Be the Bachelorette or be on Bachelor in Paradise
  • Go to the fantasy suite and “make love” to Nick, or get engaged to Josh?
  • Would you rather have sex in the fantasy suite and then break up or get engaged to someone you’ve never slept with?

F*ck, Marry, Kill:

  • Nick Viall, Ben Higgins, and Chris Soules
  • Rachel Lindsay, Jojo Fletcher, and Kaitlyn Bristowe
  • Bachelor in Paradise spesh: Chase, Luke, Chad

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The Best & Worst States for Women to Live and Work

The Best & Worst States for Women to Live and Work

May 17, 2017

FYI: This podcast was recorded while streaming live on Facebook.

We’ve talked about it here before: Yes, the gender pay gap still exists in 2017. White women make $0.80 to every man’s dollar; for black women it’s $0.64, and for Hispanic women it’s $0.54. BUT some states are better for women than others.

  • Best States for Employment and Earnings
    • Maryland
    • Massachusetts
    • New Jersey
    • Connecticut
  • Worst States for Employment and Earnings
    • West Virginia
    • Idaho
    • Louisiana
    • Mississippi
    • Arkansas (rank 47, yikes!)
  • States With Highest Median Earnings for Female Workers
    • Virginia
    • Delaware
    • Illinois
    • Maryland
  • States With Lowest Median Earnings for Female Workers
    • Maine
    • Montana
    • Oregon
    • California
    • Hawaii
  • The states with the most female-owned businesses are Alaska, Colorado, Virginia, Florida, and Georgia—Alaska is #1.
  • According to Refinery29, it will take until 2152 to close the gender pay gap. WTF


  • I’m struggling with my roommate. Her boyfriend is an a-hole and is constantly at our house. One night when I wasn't home, they got in a fight and he told her she needs to lose 20 pounds. Later when I talked to her, she told me she wished I had been there because I would stand up for her. He comments on her weight and what she eats all the time so I hate him. He also does laundry at our house every week, and, this sounds petty, but one time he drank my beer and ate my girl scout cookies. He hangs out at our house when she isn’t even there. It's making me and my other roommate both not want to be home, but I'm not sure how to go about it. I don't want to trash her relationship because then I’m scared she’ll get defensive and be with him more, which is the opposite of what she needs. So I’m literally wondering, how do I restrain from killing someone who ate my girl scout cookies? Will Earn Spend Live fund my bail?
  • No, we won't. (unless you write about it for us. We kid, we kid.) There are two separate issues here: How he treats your roommate/friend, and how he takes advantage of your apartment without paying rent (or buying you new cookies!!). So first off, talk to your roommate about the way he treats her. Definitely don't tell her what to do; you don't want her to end up resenting you or being pushed closer to this asshole. Let her know that you support her no matter what, but you think she deserves better. The second issue: Sit down with your roommate and set some guidelines on guests' behavior. For example, if they eat someone else's food, they must replace it or pay up. If they stay more than three days, they need to chip in on rent. Etc. Figure out what works best for you both, but without set guidelines in place it's hard to really put your foot down.

Would You Rather…

  • Have no friends or only have friends who annoy you?
  • Would you rather be the office gossip or be left out of all the office gossip?

What We’re Loving This Week

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Most of our data came from: https://earnspendlive.com/2017/04/best-worst-states-women-live-work/ 

17 Questions To Ask Before Getting Engaged

17 Questions To Ask Before Getting Engaged

May 10, 2017

Taking the plunge and spending the rest of your life with someone is kind of a big decision, and there are a few things you should be discussing about your future first. From credit and debt to family values, we're breaking it down into 17 key questions. Plus, we're talking about the future of Once Upon a Time and the level of garbage Chris Soules actually is.

Real Talk: Questions to Ask Before Getting Engaged

  • Money

    • Do either of you have debt? How much?
    • How good are both of you with money? (Any shopping problems? Gambling problems?)
    • How is their credit? How is yours?
  • Family
    • (Particularly important if you’re from different religious backgrounds)
    • Do you want children? How many?
    • Where do you want to live? Do you want to be close to family or do you want to move?
    • Do you get along with their family? Do they get along with yours?
    • How are we going to handle holidays?
  • Values
    • “How important is religion to you?” --NY Times
    • Would you rather have a big rock and small house or a big house and small rock?
    • What are you willing to sacrifice? I.e. career success or family time.
    • “Do we have more than just love?” --Bustle
  • Relationship:
    • Where do you see us in five years?
    • “How important is sex to you?” --NY Times
    • How much privacy do we each need and expect?
    • What’s the #1 reason you would get divorced?
    • How do you resolve conflict? What are your fighting styles?
    • Who’s cooking? Who’s cleaning?

The News

  • Jennifer Morrison, who plays Emma, won’t be returning for season 7 of Once Upon a Time—if there even is a season 7, which we’ll find out sometime this week.
  • Chris Soules apparently didn’t hit and run. He just hit, called the police, then ran when the guy bled out. So like still bad, but not as bad.

Would You Rather...

  • Work opposite work shifts of your SO so you barely see them or never have any alone time?
  • Be dumped for being too feminist or have to like, iron his clothes forever?

What questions did you and your significant other ask each other before getting engaged? Are we totally overthinking it here? Is love actually an open door? Tell us with #JustEVEsdropping on Twitter! And don't forget to email us your Dear HBIC questions to hitusup@earnspendlive.com.

Real Talk With Sarah DeClerk, Owner of Ann Potter Baking

Real Talk With Sarah DeClerk, Owner of Ann Potter Baking

May 3, 2017

Sarah DeClerk runs her business, Ann Potter Baking, out of her own home. She creates beautiful, drool-worthy cookies for special events and for customers on Etsy. She currently has 17.2k followers on Instagram, and she was one of Little Rock Soire's "Women to Watch" in 2016. While her business is obviously booming, she'd rather keep her business at home than expand. Find out why in our interview with Sarah here!

Renting vs. Buying a Home: 6 Things You Should Consider

Renting vs. Buying a Home: 6 Things You Should Consider

April 26, 2017

Buying a home is kind of a huge effing deal. But we’re adults now, so it’s time to talk about the pros and cons of buying a home vs. renting a home. Here are six things you should consider -- plus, we’re giving advice on how to make friends in college, why you should watch Girlboss on Netflix, and whether we’d rather have an engagement ring or a big house.

Renting vs. Buying a Home in Arkansas (From Business Insider):

  • Monthly rent in Arkansas: $1,050
  • Monthly mortgage in Arkansas: $769

Things to Consider

  • Are you planning on moving in the next 5-10 years? Renting offers more mobility.
  • Are you planning on starting a family soon?
  • Can you make a down-payment of 20%?
    • “If not, that generally means you’ll be charged a higher interest rate. You’ll also likely have to pay mortgage insurance, a monthly fee that ranges from about $50 to $500 and goes directly to an insurance company protecting the bank’s interest—not yours.” LearnVest
  • Do you have a good credit score?
  • Are you down to mow the lawn, upkeep, and fix things around the house? All extra expenses.
    • Some of that comes with renting a house, too.
  • Is renting keeping you from doing something that you want?
    • Are you someone who really loves personalizing their home?
    • Do you want a dog but live somewhere that doesn’t allow pets?

Tools to Help You Decide:





  • I’m a sophomore in college and I haven’t made any friends. This is supposed to be the best time of my life? But how do I meet people and hang with them?
  • First of all, you should know that making friends in college is important because 1) you're building your network; you never know who could be a good connection in the future, and 2) making friends only gets harder AFTER college.
  • Get out of your comfort zone. Go out. But not just to parties; join clubs and organizations, ask people to lunch, study at the library instead of in your dorm room. Oh, and always leave your dorm room door open.

Would You Rather...

  • Have a little ring and a big house or a big ring and a small house
  • Be Lena Dunham’s BFF or Chrissy Teigen’s enemy

What We’re Loving This Week

  • Elise: KitNipBox! My cat, Laz, loves KitNipBox, but we took the April box to the Little Rock Humane Society and gave the toys and treats to the kitties there. KitNipBox is also cool because they donate a portion of proceeds every month to animal-specific charities, including The Paw Project, Animal Care and Control of NYC, Brooklyn Animal Action, and the San Francisco SPCA.
    • ALSO: NECTAR mattresses, coupon code: ESL100.
  • Meleah: Girlboss on Netflix. Love it or hate it, it's worth the watch.

Boss and/or Adulting Moment


  • Elise: Last week was chaotic and I didn’t get anything actually important on my to-do list done. So I worked Saturday to get caught up, and this week has been SO much easier.
  • Meleah: I went to the retirement party for my honors college’s dean. It just seemed like something adults do.

If you have more questions about renting vs. buying a home, email us at hitusup@earnspendlive.com or use #JustEvesdropping on Twitter!

Email Organization 101: How to Achieve Inbox Zero

Email Organization 101: How to Achieve Inbox Zero

April 19, 2017

Today on EVEsdropping, we're talking email organization via Inbox Zero, how to turn your internship into a full-time job, plus we're introducing some new segments, called "Dear HBIC" and "Would You Rather" (you might've heard of the latter, idk). 

Real Talk: Email Organization/Inbox Zero

  • Create specific folders.

    • Lots, and lots, and lots of folders.
  • When an email comes in, do something with it.
    • Is it something you need to keep for reference? Move to a folder.
    • Is it a task you need to complete? Leave it in your inbox. Could you complete the task in less than like 3 min? Just do it.
  • If it’s an email in a thread, delete the earlier emails and keep the later ones. The later messages still have all the info you need in them.
  • Don’t get behind. It’s easier to get an inbox with 50 emails back down to zero than it is 300.
  • Unsubscribe, unsubscribe, unsubscribe.


  • “I’m an intern and I really like the company I’m working for. I’m definitely open to working here after graduation, but they haven’t asked me to stay. Should I wait for them to bring it up, or let them know that I’d like to come on full-time? And what do I even say?”
  • Step one: Make sure you're good at your job and your employer likes you. Step two: Ask for it as soon as you know your plans after graduation. Step three: Slay.

Would You Rather...

  • Never use emojis ever again or only be able to send the poop emoji?
  • Sleep with your boss and get a promotion (but no one knows) or would you rather get a promotion and have everyone think you slept with your boss but you didn’t?

What We’re Loving This Week

Boss and/or Adulting Moment

  • Elise: I'm becoming videographer for a day; our videographer couldn't make it to a video interview shoot this week so I'm filling in. He showed me how to use the camera and gave me a checklist, so I'm officially adding "videographer temp" to my resume.
  • Meleah: I am making phone calls like a madwoman. I’m renovating/buying/who tf knows this house that was built in 1915 and it needs some work. I’m getting every service out there to get me a bid.

 Tell us how many emails YOU have in your inbox by using the hashtag #JustEVEsdropping. And send your questions for "Dear HBIC" to hitusup@earnspendlive.com!

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